The Berkshire Blue 

A little bit about.... The Berkshire Blue is a quality Araucana based hybrid which is crossed to produce blue/green eggs.

Character... The Berkshire Blue is a friendly hen which is easy to manage and tame. They are suited and adapt well to most set ups and are especially ideal for back garden, allotments and smallholdings. They are inquisitive characters and will spend most of their day pottering around the garden and keeping themselves entertained. They add quirky to the flock! 

Appearance... The Berkshire is an attractive hen, each hen slightly varies in colouration, we currently have CouCou, Rose and Blue colored Berkshire's. They are really stunning addition to the flock with an upright tail and tufted hairdo. 

Eggs.... Berkshire's are crossed to lay up to 220 eggs in their first year of lay. They are a new hybrid which are bred to produce fantastic blue / green eggs.