Black Pearl (also known as Miss Pepperpot )                            

Pearls are one of our popular hybrid hen's here at Mother Hen's Poultry & it's not hard to see why. These gorgeous black hen's gleem a beetle green shine & they have flecks of ginger markings usually on their necks and chest, but this can vary making each hen unique.  

Black Pearls are a Rhode Island and Plymouth Rock hybrid and are also known as Rhode Rocks, Black Stars and Miss Pepperpots, they have a reputation of being hardy birds which lay good quality eggs. These hens are a popular choice with chicken keepers and adapt well to most set up's, especially as backgarden chickens, free-rangers and smallholdings.

With time and attention, these hen's can be easily tamed so ideal for first time chicken keepers.

Black Pearls reward their keepers with up to 290 BROWN eggs in their first year of lay.




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