Duchess Blue          


Our Duchess Blue Hen's are a quality egg laying hybrid which lay a lovely powder blue egg.  These hen's are extremely popular with keepers wanting a mixed flock with a blue egg laying hen which mixes well with the rest of the flock.

See some of our customer feedback below..

"Hello, just to let you know our Duchess' Blue lays a lovely powder blue egg, she lays really well and runs over in the morning for her breakfast"

"Hi Mother Hen's, we had a Geeno Duchess Blue from you last year and was just wondering if you were having them available this year. We raised our two from chicks and they are really tamed and lay brilliant blue eggs..."

       Duchesses are an Arauncana based hybrid and are white in colour with a tufted hair-doo and elegant fan tail. Each hen is different with many having black splashes.

They adapt well to most set ups, including backgardens, smallholdings and allotments. They are inquisitive and keep their keepers amused with their pottering about and dotty ways. They are easy to manage and easy to tame so ideal for first time chicken keepers and a hen for the whole family to get involved keeping.

        Duchess Blues reward their keepers with up to 260 POWDER BLUE eggs in their first year of lay.