Ginger Spice                                   

Ginger Spice hens are the most friendly out of the bunch of hybrids we keep. These hen's are your common egg laying hens are are normally seen on egg boxes at the supermarket or zooming around on the back of quad bikes in egg adverts on the telly...

These hen's are great all round, they are friendly, they adapt well to all set ups, they are easily tamed & most importantly... they lay lots of wonderful eggs.

Gingers are

Ginger Spice hen's are gentle, curious and friendly hens and are easily tamed making them the ideal and popular choice for first time chicken keepers, especially where younger children are involved in helping look after the chickens. They are sociable and will enjoy regular handling.

Ginger Spice hen's reward their keepers with up to 300 BROWN eggs in their first year of lay.

Did you know..... Ginger from the Movie "Chicken Run" is a Ginger Hybrid.


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