Hybrid Point of Lay Pullets 


We want our hens to go on to live happy and healthy lives and supply their keeper with lots of tasty eggs. We ensure that all hens leave us in good health and we offer a 2 week health guarantee with each hen. This is valid only, when our 'Hen Management' guide is adhered to.

Obviously as with all livestock, things can go wrong and there are many factors out of our control once your hen's are in their new home. With this in mind we advise all of our customers to read through our Hen Management guide.

Our hybrids are reared to a set standard which meets DEFRA standards as well as other Governing bodies, such as Lion Code Standards. Our pullets are vaccinated against major poultry diseases and variant strains. The vaccination programme our hybrids receive is a full health scheme which ensures that our hens are fit and healthy and ready for new homes.

We will always try our best to help in any way we can. Unfortunately we are unable to take back any hen's (unless problems do arise within the first two weeks). We keep our hybrid flock managed and bio-secure. If you find your circumstances do change in the future, please do contact us and we will try our best to help you.

We offer friendly and knowledgeable advice and are happy to answer and questions or queries that you may have.  


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