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We have included some links and references for other websites that you may find useful. If your page would like to go on our links page please email me with details office@motherhenspoultry.com


Mother Hen's favourite Poultry Magazines..

Country Smallholding  http://www.countrysmallholding.com/

Fancy Fowl http://www.fancyfowl.com/

Practical Poultry  http://www.practicalpoultry.com/

Smallholder  http://www.smallholder.co.uk/

Your Chickens  http://www.yourchickens.co.uk/  



 Mother Hen's favourite Poultry Health Products..


Poultry wormer 

Flubenvet - Poultry Wormer - This is the only Approved Poultry Wormer in the UK. This wormer gets rid of a broad spectrum of worms that chickens can pick up, whereas others on the market, such as Verm-X should not replace poultry worming as it is a gut conditioner and won't get rid of worms.


Hen Holidays and Pet Care Services

Sarah (Henley on Thames) offers a good hen sitting service whilst you go away on holiday, she is a competent and trusted hen keeper who offers a lovely holiday for your hens whilst you are away.


Simon (Reading) offers a professional animal and bird dayboarding, nightboarding and walking service. He is fully insured and registered with environmental health and licenced with South Oxon Council. Simon keeps poultry himself and offers a trusted, friendly and professional service to customers.




Mother Hen's Recommended POULTRY books


A Family Guide to Keeping Chickens by Anne Perdeaux is a fantastic book for all new chicken keepers and features one of our lovely Welsummers and Skyline hen's!