Call Ducks


"Cute, Cuddly & Chatty...these little ducks are wonderful pets!"  

Resembling a cute bath duck..these little ducks are delightful pets.

Call Ducks are a bantam (mini) sized duck which originate from Holland. They are called Call Ducks because they were used as decoy ducks back in the day, these were ducks used to attract more plump wild mallard ducks. Nowadays, these quirky little ducks are available in a selection of colours and are kept mainly as pets or for exhibition.

The key to a perfect call duck is a lovely short little beak and small body.

Call Ducks are full to the brim with character, they are easily tamed and a firm favourite, the only downside to these ducks is the fact the lady ducks can be a little bit quacky and chatty.. but if you have a suitable set up that is fine to have a bit of a 'duck' sound (ie, no neighbours..or neighbours that wouldn't mind), then these are fantastic ducks.

Call Ducks adapt well to their set up, they are happy to live on a pond or are happy to live with a tray/pool of water.. just making sure that if they have a pool they can get in and out of it. Childrens plastic paddling pools are ideal for call ducks as they can be easily cleaned out and you can use bricks or a plank to make a step or ramp for the ducks to use to get in and out.


Call Ducks are flyers so it is best to have their wings clipped, if this is not possible, them making sure they are settled in a breeding pair or group is ideal. The female in particular will fly off in breeding season to find a mate if she hasn't got a mate. Most domestic ducks descend from the Mallard duck where they pair (so male /female) this is seen in many duck breeds including the Call Ducks, so it tends to be best to keep the ducks in pairs. Alternatively wing clipping can prevent them from flying off.

Call Ducks are not a breed well known for it's egg laying but they will reward their keepers with around 60-100 pale green eggs in a year, they tend to start lay around February time and will end around late summer. They do sometimes go broody, so if you don't want ducklings it is best to take the eggs away every day, especially if you have males.

We keep and breed a selection of different coloured Call Ducks.

In 2014 we will be breeding from our White and Apricot breeding groups and we will also be breeding from our mixed pen with lots of different coloured ducks in, so lots of different coloured ducks.

Our ducks are bred and reared by us to produce happy and healthy ducks. We are not a hatchery and ducks are reared in small numbers and reared to a high standard. Our ducks receive as much interaction as possible as young ducklings, if you want super tamed ducks, it is best to get ducks as young as possible. We generally can identify the sex (eg. male or female) at around 6/7 weeks old once they have feathered up.