Indian Runner Ducks


 "These quirky ducks think they are penguins...."

Runner Ducks are a firm favourite duck to keep! Not only are they quiet, docile and easy to manage but they also lay lots of eggs too.

Indian Runners do not look like your average duck! In fact they are ancient ducks... they originate from the East Indies and first came to Britain in the 1700's and were originally known as Penguin Ducks by London Zoo. Drawings of these ducks however, have been found in Egyptian Tombs making them a very old breed indeed.

Even today they are something to write about, they are excellent ducks for smallholdings or backgardens and if lovely large duck eggs are what you are looking for, then these are the ducks for you. 

Runner Ducks do not have the 'Mallard' instinct that other domestic ducks have. Runners do not fly, they do not need a great amount of water & they can live happily in a mixed group and do not as such need to live in pairs.

A trug or pool of water is fine for Runner ducks to allow them to dunk their heads in and clean and preen themselves. This is great if you are after a few ducks for the backgarden as it means less mess.

Indian Runners are pretty laid back and can live in a flock, you may have seen Runner Ducks being used in Sheep Dog Trials. They make excellent gardeners choice of duck as they like nothing more than being active pest control eating all the slugs and grubs.

Runners are not your average looking duck and are upright, often described as a bottle shape. They have long slender bodies and necks and are found in a selection of colours. 

Easily tamed these ducks are ideal as pets, if you get your ducks as young as possible, they can become super tame with lots of handrearing and will follow you around.

You can expect 150-200 lovely large mint green eggs per year from Runner Ducks so there will be no excuse not to bake lots of lovely cakes!