Pied Princess                                  


Pied Princess hen's are sometimes overlooked when choosing the flock but what I have found is when keepers actually come to collect their hen's, they then notice this graceful & elegant black hen and more often change their minds and end up adding a Pied to their flock. It is not hard to see why, this hen is a stunning black hen with contrasting silver neckline & definately adds a touch of class to the flock.

The genetic makeup for the Pied hybrid's is Sussex and Plymouth Rocks and sometimes known as Sussex reverse or Daisybelles.

Pied's adapt well to most set ups & are ideal as backgarden hens, free-rangers and smallholding hens. They are robust and docile hens so ideal for first time chicken keepers and mix well within a flock.

Pied Princess hen's reward their keepers with up to 280 BROWN eggs in their first year of lay.


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