Poultry Feeds


We do not have a poultry shop but we do occasionally have available Poultry Feeds and Bedding - especially during the busier season (Summer / Autumn) If you are collecting your hen's and want to purchase feed / and or bedding at the same time, please do check (send us a quick email) with us first so that we can advise if we will have this available for you when you visit.

 We usually stock 


20kg Layers Pellets Bags (Spillers or Haygates)

20kg Mixed Corn Bag

3kg Mixed Corn Treat Bags

 Only certain times of the year do we have Chick Crumb and Growers Pellets available, please email us to order this in if required.


Oyster Shells and Grits  

 Big and Little Bags




Various available - SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY 

Poultry Supplies 

During busier season we normally have Poultry Supplies available - please see below.

We only sell products that we have tried and tested before and happy to recommend to our customers 

Feeders, drinkers, Mite and Lice treatments, disinfectants, vitamins, supplements and more available.