The elegant Rhodebar, a rare breed based on the Rhode Island Red.

A little bit about... Rhodebars are a pure autosexing breed based on the popular Rhode Island Red, it was developed in the 1940's based on the Rhode Island Red which was one of the most popular egg laying breeds at that time. The concept was to produce an autosexing pure breed of the Rhode Island Red. Rhodebars were originally called Redbars which was created using crosses of Golden Brussbar Cockerels on Rhode Island Red hens but was later changed and called Rhodebars. Today the Rhodebar listed on the Rare Breeds Survivial Trust - Poultry Breeds at Risk Watchlist. This breed is ideal for keepers who want to rear up their own hens from chick age with the guarantee that they are rearing only hen's.

.Character.... Rhodebars a friendly breed which are ideal for most set ups such as back garden, smallholdings, allotments, etc. They are a hardy breed which may even lay through the winter.

Appearance.... Rhodebars are a pretty breed with it's gorgeous red plumage with barring. The cockerel are stunning chaps with rich red barring with chestnuts and golds throughout his plumage. The hens are a rich red colour with mottled colouration and a black tail. On hatch the chicks can be identified as male/female with the males a lighter colour and females a darker colour with chipmunk markings.

Eggs.... Rhodebars are layers of up to 180 brown eggs per year.   



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