Skyline's are our popular coloured egg layer here at Mother Hen's Poultry.

Skyline's are a Legbar hybrid which the majority lay a blue / green egg with the remaining producing a pastel coloured egg. We call our Skyline's 'pot luck' egg layers, it's exciting waiting for your hen to lay her first egg to see what colour it will be.. It could be any of the colours in the picture above, so blue, green, olive, peach, cream..

It's not just the novelty of having a coloured egg layer with the Skyline, it's her appearance that is most eye catching. These quirky hen's have a elegant upright fan tail and tufty hairdo that make them stand out in the flock. Each hen varies slightly, but most are similar to the Legbar with mottled greys and browns.

They adapt well to most set ups and are ideal as backgarden hens, free-ranging and smallholding hens. They are a great hen to keep, they have a quirky and funny character and entertain their keepers with their pottering around. They are hardy and with regular attention and hand - taming (treats), can be tamed.

Skylines reward their keepers with up to 250 POT LUCK (blue/green/pastel)eggs in their first year of lay.



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