Snow White                             

Snow Whites are a popular choice here at Mother Hen's Poultry. These elegant hen's produce lovely large white egg.

Snow Whites are hybrids produced using four lines of the Leghorn breed

These dotty little inquisitive hens adapt well to most set ups, they especially love to potter around and forage. They are ideal for backgarden, free-ranging and smallholding set ups. Like the Leghorn breed the Snow Whites can be a bit skittish but this does not mean they are difficult to tame, a regular handful of corn and these hen's will have you at the top of the 'best friends' list!

They mix well with other hens and tend to occupy themselves with other everyday hen matters rather than coop politics such as pecking order squabbles, so these hens adapt pretty well within a flock. They are hardy and once they start laying, you can be guaranteed a good tasty supply of fresh white eggs.

Snow Whites reward their keepers with up to 300 WHITE eggs in their first year of lay.


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