Lady Cuckoo  (SPECKLEDY)                                 

 Lady Cuckoo's (Speckledy) are a popular choice with chicken keepers. They are our posh hens which lay a quality mid brown egg.

Lady Cuckoo's are a strikingly attractive hen which add wow factor to the flock. They are easily tamed so ideal for first time chicken keepers and they are easy to manage and adapt well to most set ups such as backgarden set ups and smallholdings.

Our Lady Cuckoo hens are pretty similar to our Barred Ranger hens are could be easily confused. Our Lady Cuckoo hens have a darker body and lighter head and Barred Rangers are a all over consistent cuckoo marked plumage.

 Lady Cuckoo's reward their keepers with up to 280 BROWN eggs in their first year of lay.



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