Amber Star                             

Amber Stars are the super star's of the hybrid breeds, they were created to be a great egg laying hen for the free-range market but with soft light feathering, so during a moult they look less haggered making them ideal for free-range farms where the flocks are on show.

Equally, these hen's are now one of the popular hybrid's for backgarden chicken keepers, they adapt well to most set ups, including backgardens and are easy to manage and can be easily tamed & have a docile character, so ideal for first time chicken keepers.

Amber Stars are basically the reversal of Ginger Spice hen's, so instead of being ginger with cream flecks, they are cream with ginger flecks (like frothy cappucino with chocolate sprinkles). Colouration varies with each hen.

Amber Stars reward their keepers with up to 300 BROWN eggs in their first year of lay.


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