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This page shows our current availability with birds which are available to take home today.

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                                 Hybrid Point of Lay Hen's


Hybrid point of lay pullets -  available soon 

Our lovely hen's are all fully vaccinated and kept in a mixed flock so that you can come and see the different types together and mix and match to make your perfect colourful flock. 

 We know that hen's can be more than just a chicken and can be pets for the whole family to enjoy keeping - we are happy for you to select your hen's from our flock and we are happy to give you all the advice and guidance you need when you visit.

We have a Facebook page which we regularly update and keep you up to date with news and stock availability here at Mother Hen's Poultry. Why not like our page and join the fun of all things poultry. 


Our Laying Hybrid Pullets available


  Egg Colour  Price  Available
Ginger Spice  Brown £18.00  
 Sussex Sweeties Brown  £18.00 

 Berkshire Blue's

Blue / Green

Black Pearl Brown  £18.00 
 Barred Rangers and Speckledy's Brown / Darker Brown £18.00 
 Amber Stars  Brown £18.00 
 Bluebelles  Brown £18.00 
 Snow White White £18.00 
 Skyline's Blue / Green / Peach £25.00 
 Red Rangers Brown £18.00 
 Pied Princess  Brown £18.00 


Laying ducks: 

 We currently have no ducks available at this time - 


Please note we put all stock for sale on this page if you cannot see it on here unfortunately we don't have any available at the moment.


Definition of terms :

Chicks / Ducklings (baby stock requiring heat source/lamp, secure enclosure and chick/duckling crumb feed aged from day old to 6-7 weeks old)

Growers (growing stock, may need heat source (depending on time of year), secure enclosure and growers feed, aged from 6 - 16 weeks old)

POL (point of lay) (adult stock, can be housed outside, fed on layers feed, is at an age when it can start laying from, termed as point of lay, however this depends on poultry type/breed. aged from 17 weeks to 30 weeks)



 Please visit our terms and conditions for point of sale conditions. Please note we offer a two week health guarantee from sale date for all poultry (terms apply & hatching eggs are excluded). Ample advice is given freely before & after sale of poultry & products. Please be aware that we do not hold waiting lists for our poultry, stock is offered on a first come first served basis.