We do not have any ducks available at the moment and will have Ducks available around Summer 2018 time


Ducks are very similar to keeping chickens. They make great pets and also lay eggs! 

As the famous poultry breeder Reginald Appleyard said "Having kept and bred many breeds and varieties of livestock such as mice, cagebirds, ducks, poultry, geese, sheep, pigs, goats, cattle and horses - I can honestly say that I know of no livestock that can prove of more interest or give so much pleasure as ducks" 


Our Duck Breeds.....








  Call Ducks

Friendly ducks which make fantastic pets. These bantam ducks are available in a variety of different colours. They are cheeky and easily tamed. Call Ducks can be quite chatty. They lay eggs from Spring - late Summer of around 60-100 eggs a year

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 Indian Runner Ducks

These upright ducks are fantastic for first time duck keepers, they are available in a variety of colours and lay a good 200 eggs per year. Runner Ducks can be tamed and are less noisy & messy than other ducks. They do not need lots of water 

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 Miniature Silver Appleyards

These lovely bantam ducks are less chatty than call ducks and lay a good sized duck egg for their owners. They are full of character and are easily tamed. They do not need lots of water and are ideal backgarden ducks. They lay around 80-100 eggs each year.

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 White Puddle Ducks

Our white ducks are your traditional farmyard looking ducks which are easily tamed and require a pool of water to keep them happy. These ducks lay around 150 eggs per year.

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Khaki Campbells

The traditional brown farm duck, a good allrounder and one of the best egg layers of big tasty eggs. They can lay up to 200 eggs per year.

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Ordering & Collecting Ducks



 Our ducks are reared to a high standard and are reared initially in specially adapted rearing baths where they have access to clean water & fed a quality duck crumb. Once feathered up, our ducklings are then reared in grass pens.

Our ducks are not vaccinated because one of the greatest points about ducks is they are comparatively free from diseases that chickens and other poultry can catch.

We aim to provide, strong, happy and healthy ducks that will provide their keepers with lots of tasty eggs.






All of our ducks are bred and reared by us to produce happy and healthy ducks.

We start hatching and rearing ducklings from Spring.

We are happy to offer as much advice and information as needed to new duck keepers and we stock a range of feeds, products and supplies for ducks.


When we have stock available, it is listed on our current availability page. We do not reserve or hatch to order.