Golden Speckled                              



Golden Speckled Hen's are one of our newest hybrids to our range. 

They have a quiet temperament and adapt well to most set ups such as backgarden, free-ranging and smallholdings. They mix well with other hens are have a nice nature and character which will make them a firm favourite in a mixed flock.

They are ideal for first time chicken keepers and can be easily tamed down, so ideal for the whole family.

These hens have attractive golden speckled plumage and are a Rhodebar, Rhode Island (barred and red) and Sussex cross. Making them excellent egg layers with lovely quality eggs. These hens are very similar to our Ginger Spice / Red Ranger Pullets with a lovely twist of speckled markings making them a stunning extra to the flock.

Golden Speckled Hen's reward their keepers with up to 290 eggs in their first year of lay.



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